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 Sondra did an excellent job of helping us understand the cultural and business gaps that occur in virtual team-work, as well as suggest concrete ways of dealing with our team issues." (Group training for an California-based IT company working with outsourcing partners in India)

"Sondra Sen is an excellent instructor and facilitator. I was very impressed with her instructional style, and pleased that she was able to respond to my specific questions and concerns regarding different situations I experienced on the job." "Look forward to seeing and learning from Sondra again, she is outstanding in her field." (Participant in Global Awareness group training for a telecommunications company)

"Sondra is a very impressive trainer. She made careful efforts to give clear explanations and to be understood by all. Encouraged dialogue and participation." (US participant in a French Cultural Awareness group training with a French Chemical Company)

"Sondra was attentive to our individual concerns and took the time to address all of our issues. Her knowledge and tools allowed us to explore beyond the boundaries of the written materials. She did a great job!" (U.S. couple relocating to Ireland with a pharmaceutical company)

"We believe that the training provided was not only interesting and fun, but very much a necessity. It will help to ensure that Stephen and I have the best possible chance for success living abroad." (American couple moving to Singapore with a chemical company)

"Excellent trainer with extensive knowledge on needs of persons relocating to the US. Sondra is highly professional. Sondra Sen has developed the perfect program for the expatriate, which she delivers in an efficient and effective manner. A "must attend" training for any expatriate coming to the USA." (Family relocating to USA from Nigeria via Netherlands with a biotechnical company)

"Sondra was great, very knowledgeable and well-prepared. She facilitated brilliantly. "(Family relocating to Japan with a financial services company).

This was an excellent course, and I would recommend it for all future assignees. A special world of mention forSondra and Tapas Sen who were fantastic! Their comments were insightful and relevant, showing a deep understanding of both the USA and India. This course will help me both at work and outside, and I look forward to an exciting time ahead in the USA. (Indian couple moving from Mumbai to the USA with a consumer products company)